Black Man White Cop

Black Man White Cop, a short fictional novel about the triumph of LOVE over hatred, is FREE …

so click HERE to download the PDF file and enjoy.

Be love!

This novel is dedicated to helping fund Inspirado, a creative, health, and wellbeing institute
where anyone could practice languages, culture and a full spectrum of creative arts. Learn how
to speak Spanish or English or another language, practice and teach music, learn to perform
various dances, and express your artistic nature. Become happier and healthier by taking
courses on fitness, meditation, creativity, art, sports, self-development, cooking, and other
creative and cultural classes that anyone is free to design and teach. This is the dream for
creating an educational center focused on creative inspiration that would be a blessing to many,
and you can learn more as well as make a donation at

Thank you for seeking to be a vessel through whom the Light shines, the Creator of all life. That
One is all-knowing and everywhere present at all time … so be encouraged to know that our
Source is with you and me right now, as always … a loving Presence. May the love of God be
felt through me … and may the love of God be manifest through you, enlightening all.

Peace and Namaste